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Want authentic, yet highly-persuasive, marketing copy from a veteran direct response writer?

You know you need great marketing copy to generate leads, grow sales and revenue. Since 1998 I’ve been writing compelling website content, email campaigns, ads, sales pages, funnels…you name it.

But there’s one very special group of marketing assets that, when done right, can tap into existing market desire, channel demand and generate quality leads and sales like nothing else can: White Papers, Reports, eBooks and Manifestos.

Especially if what you sell takes a little more explaining. Is a little technical in nature. Or your audience isn’t quite hip to what you have to offer.

Done right these assets do a lot of heavy lifting in the sales and marketing process. Many 8 figure empires have been built on the back of a solid book.

The challenge is strategically thinking through and writing these marketing pieces in a way that gets your core concept across, in a language your audience understands and in a way that actually excites and compels the reader enough to take the action you want.

And, ideally, gets shared with friends and colleagues as genuinely useful content.

That’s where I can help.

I specialize in crafting White Papers, Reports, eBooks and Manifestos for tech companies and professional service providers. In a way that builds your brand, tells your story, get’s the technical information through and persuades your audience to click, call, register, share or buy.

To get started, contact me here on Messenger or email me jonathan [at]