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10 Steps To Successful Execution of New Strategies

Creating and executing new marketing strategies can be a formidable task, no matter how big or small your business is. Having an implementation and deployment plan can make the pain go away and often is the difference between a homerun and a flop. New strategies need to be aligned with company mission and values and their number should be limited. Confidence and determination need to be demonstrated by the leadership in order for strategy to be company-wide accepted. Reinforcing the necessity and importance of strategy is critical for the overall success, but certain flexibility should be applied in order to respond to changes and feedback by the stakeholders. Above, ensure that the changes are truly embraced through actions and not only through words.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure support is available through the process and company leaders lead by example. Start change slowly and remind people of the importance. Make special notes on what worked best along the way.
  • Make sure new strategies are flexible with unforeseen circumstances. Employee recognition and technology together can help solidify new business plan implementation.
  • Any new strategies or business models need to correlate with any working business models that already exist or are in practice already. Keeping something good is important.

“Some employees embrace values because they have to, the good ones live for them. A little shift in values is fine if it’s for the better; but not if it compromises everything your company claims to stand for.”

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