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How to Optimize Car Dealership Websites

All businesses struggle with boosting their online presence and optimizing their search engine visibility. However, it may arguably be harder for car dealerships. Study suggests that shopping around is cut short when it comes to car buying. Customers generally gather their intel online and then sally out to one or two dealerships. So, the online impression garnered is absolutely critical for car dealership business. However, car dealers, unlike some businesses are harder to quantify when it comes to SEO. Dealerships typically deal with old and new cars and a variety of manufacturers. They also deal with repair and possibly parts and maintenance. How can a dealership ensure that their offerings are not lost to a potential lead? Local businesses would do well to use Google My Business. You can upload pics and even videos. Moreover GMB allows dealerships to use an array of categories, including a primary category and several supporting categories to give possible customers the best overview of your offerings. To ensure users find you make sure your data is accurate. Keywords used should include specific cities and be specific when it comes to the year and make of cars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buyers of cars generally fact-find online and then go shopping, often hitting no more than two dealerships.
  • Because of how car buyers shop today, dealers need to be very sure that their online presence is generating leads.
  • Google My Business lets dealers categorize in several areas and they offer ways to incorporate videos and pics.

“”Getting any local business to rank high on Google is becoming more and more difficult, but one of the most competitive ? and complex ? industries for local SEO are car dealerships.””

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