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Secrets of Generating Work for Your Freelance Business Revealed

Freelance work often comes with a consistent struggle of maintaining an active client list over long periods of time. This can be partially remedied by signing contracts with your clients in order to receive a more stable level of incoming work in the future. Since not all clients are willing to sign a contract, regularly updating your website with additional services and promotional offers is a great way to obtain new cases onto your client load so that a steady stream of work is always coming your way.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a freelancer, you can get more work by offering more services, the more services the more clients.
  • A good way to ensure continued work is to get a contract when you do get a client.
  • Like all pros, freelancers need to act professionally, dress in appropriate attire, and showcase a regularly updated, professional-looking site.

“But I quickly learned there are things freelancers can do to ensure they always have work available.”

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