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As Streaming Services Make It Harder to Skip Ads, What Does the Future of Online Video Look Like?

One of the most commonly consumed types of content in the digital era is that of videos online. Streaming websites from Youtube to Facebook to Netflix and a range of others all provide viewers with hours of endless content that they can engulf themselves within. However, with ads becoming more difficult to avoid, online viewers are starting to show their disappointment and looking for new options and places to be able to enjoy their videos without advertisement interruptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those that sign up for YouTube’s Partner Program have a new option open to them.
  • Program users can now create ads for YouTube that are not skippable, an option heretofore limited to monetized video creators.
  • There will still be an ad-free option for subscribers to YouTube, called Premium.

“What used to be a commercial-free oasis from traditional television, it seems, is starting to replicate it.”

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