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Beyond Youtube: Video Hosting, Marketing, and Monetization Platforms, Compared

Over 45% of individuals across the US who utilize a digital device to navigate the web admit to dedicating around an hour per day watching video content. This points to how prominent the video industry is, but it is important to know where to go. Try look beyond just YouTube by checking out platforms such as Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business. They may be more expensive, but establishing a presence in places other than just YouTube will bring you much more mainstream recognition.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want to host videos, don?t confine yourself to YouTube. There is also Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Business and Wistia. Find out which fits your needs.
  • An intelligent way to monetize your videos is to create an on-demand video channel.
  • If you?re considering live streaming, that is, allowing your audience to view videos in real time, the biggest players are YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope.

“”Obviously, if you are seriously entering the video marketing arena, limiting yourself to YouTube alone is not a smart idea, just like limiting yourself to any one marketing channel is probably never a good way to go.””

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