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How to Feed Your Brain to Combat Stress

It is very important for us to feed not only our body but also our mind if we are trying to prevent stress. It is super important to eat a very healthy breakfast on an every day basis as a healthy breakfast can keep us full and reduce our anxiety and stress levels. It’s also important to limit refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine as they release stress causing hormones and neurons throughout our brain. Adding omega-3 fatty acids to our diet can also help stabilize our hormones and prevent stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very important to start the day off right and having a healthy breakfast can help fuel your mind and body all day.
  • Start cutting down on refined sugars and processed foods as they increase your stress levels.
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake as alcohol is a depressant and caffeine causes anxiety.

“Healthy diets have been shown to prevent all these harmful physical effects and even reverse the aging process. Your life is short. Your diet is an easy way to take control and maximize your wellbeing.”

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