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Why Science Says 6 Hours of Sleep Isn’t Enough for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs sacrifice sleep to further the growth of their business, but new studies have shown that this lack of sleep may actually hurt their business instead. Scientists recommend that the average adult sleeps seven to nine hours every night, and anything less than six hours has proven to increase the rate of mortality by nearly 13%. Apart from the health risks, sleep-deprived entrepreneurs are more likely to make rash decisions when it comes to their business. All in all, it’s best for business owners, and their business, to get a good night’s rest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurs who sacrifice sleep for their business may actually be hurting their business, and themselves/
  • In general, sleep is imperative for controlling appetite, creating memories, and recovering muscles.
  • Research has shown that the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and anything less than six hours is linked to higher mortality rates.

“Insufficient sleep results in increased risk of obesity, injuries, accidents, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, depression and many chronic illnesses.”

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