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5 Differences Between Great Entrepreneurs of the 2010s vs. 2020s

Over the coming years, entrepreneurs will have to shift their values in order to grow their businesses. Instead of worrying about valuation, they will have to more readily change their attention to their company’s probability. Also, they will need to be humble and decisive, rather than charismatic. A new generation of customers hold these businesses socially responsible, so the entrepreneurs that run them need to shift their business model to benefit the community, rather than just benefiting the bottom-line.

Key Takeaways:

  • The focus of businesses in the 2020s will be on making profits, not on stock prices.
  • The successful leaders of the 2020s will need to take the long view in determining which direction their business should go.
  • Business leaders of the 2020s need to be aware of how their organization is doing in terms of social responsibility.

“In the 2010s, many successful entrepreneurs were defined by their ability to fundraise by applying innovative technologies to antiquated markets and processes.”

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