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Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Turn Your Website Testimonials into Conversion Generators

The process of choosing a new service to invest in almost always includes looking at testimonials or reviews from previous customers of that particular brand. Ensuring that your testimonials result in reliable conversions depends on what the displayed testimonials illustrate. Testimonials with as much detail as possible are more likely to result in successful conversion. These forms of testimonials can be found in places that you may not ordinarily look such as previous customer emails.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes a great testimonial is hidden in a letter about something else entirely and can be uncovered and used.
  • A friction point is an area where site users are still hedging about their commitment, such as the check out area and any area with a form on it.
  • Place testimonials at friction points with an appropriate and attractive image to accompany them.

“Those testimonials are only going to serve you if they meet certain criteria and are skillfully placed on your site. If they do and are, they?ll make a world of difference to your site?s conversions.”

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