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The Psychology of Marketing: The 5 types of social proof you need to know

Social proof is a term used to describe how human beings naturally flock towards situations that have a prevalent number of other human beings present. This can be highly beneficial to your company if you know how to use social proof in a way that is profitable for your business. Testimonials, for instance, are one of the number one ways in which consumers act on social proof by frequenting establishments that have high ratings from previous customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Testimonials are the main form of social proof that we rely on before doing business with a certain brand.
  • Influencer posts are a great way to get someone of importance in the public eye to endorse your product and bring in more business.
  • If you sight a celebrity with your product, this is a fantastic way to engage in profitable social proof.

“Social proof is a psychological concept that basically boils down to we care what other people are doing and we will reflect their actions.”

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