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The Dunning Kruger Effect: Why Your Coworkers Believe They’re Way Smarter Than They Actually Are

Did you know that we have a natural tendency to inflate our capabilities in how we complete various tasks in everyday life? This does not exclude how we overestimate how smart and capable we are in the workplace. The Dunning Kruger Effect shows how human beings tend to inflate their ability to do certain things, while they often do not recognize the incompetency that they have in the process. It is a self-bias that has the potential to greatly inflate the ego on false pretenses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people overestimate their ability which can falsely inflate the ego and cause them to submit to this bias at work.
  • This bias also contributes to how individuals do not recognize their level of incompetency.
  • This principle is why many coworkers find that fellow employees are not as educated on certain subject as they once appeared to be.

“”The Dunning Kruger Effect is a psychological phenomenon in which people of the lowest ability in a subject rate themselves as most competent, compared to others.””

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