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Fall in Love with GDPR Compliance and Get Ahead of the Curve with Your Online Marketing

The EU has recently passed legislation that surrounds the way companies use consumer data, as well as how transparent their privacy policies are. This legislation is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Several companies view the GDPR as a threat to their marketing tactics, but experts claim that it can actually be beneficial when it comes to building trust with your clients. The more transparency that is involved in your customer relations, the more people are apt to trust you and your brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • The EU recently passed legislation that requires companies to be more transparent about how they use consumer data.
  • Many corporations will have to completely revamp their privacy policies in order to comply with the GDPR guidelines.
  • Although a lot of companies are viewing it as a burden. the GDPR has the potential to build consumer trust.

“?The media world is facing major shifts in consumer expectations,? says Andrew Beehler, Senior Manager of Programmatic and Yield Management at Digital Trends. ?Doubling down on a customer-centric approach is the strongest way forward with customers and advertisers, alike.?”

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