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Content Distribution Strategy: Why We’re Doubling Down on Paid Promotion and SEO

Content distribution strategies are the same as before. Find out what the customer is into and get your content into that space. Customers will benefit from the content marketing immediately. Your strategy can be the same but the content can be sent to different markets after you have analyzed where your customers are. SEO and link-building is cost effective and can attract customers that will likely convert their views into sales. Link-building can help give you an advantage when ranking. With Facebook marketing, you can test your market and re-adjust if necessary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Published content needs to be unique and relevant to stand out within popular communities
  • Take the time to learn about back-end marketing algorithms your favorite platforms are utilizing
  • Being able to distribute your content at a large scale takes intentional and thoughtful strategies

“The concept behind community content promotion is fairly simple: you find existing communities on social media that contain your target audience and manually share your articles in those places.”

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