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Content Marketing 2020: 7 Tips for Creating Content Your Audience Actually Likes

Multimedia marketing is a proven and strong method of delivering relevant content to your customers. Video content is one of the best ways to provide an interactive and unique experience. Video and infographic formats usually will significantly outperform other formats. Make your content personalized, relevant, useful, and unique to deepen your relationship with the customer. Ensure that your most meaningful and popular content is not locked behind a gate or other form. Keep the best articles and content in an easily accessible place for your customers to interact with.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video and multimedia content is one of the strongest and most effective content advertising methods. Keep it concise and short for high impact.
  • Relationship marketing is increasingly relevant. Emphasize the unique, useful, and personalized content to grow a bond with your customer.
  • Ensure that your best content is not hidden behind a form or other gate, and that customers have free access to it.

“We’ve been talking about the importance of video and infographics for years, but marketers have been slow to make the investment.”

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