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6 Examples of Incredible Content Marketing From Technology Companies

For companies to be successful and profitable in 2019, technology must be effectively used. One real key technology these companies use is social media. Social media has been successfully used by many companies. Some examples are: GE’s popular “The Message” podcast, Blendtec’s YouTube series “Will it Blend”, and Dells content creation for “Girls in STEM”. In each case, the company used technology to target their desired audience with content that would engage their audience, and build their brand with that audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Slack is one of the most important programs available for people to connect to each other via live chat.
  • Blendtec is an interesting Youtube series that puts all different kinds of products in a blender to see if their patented blade can shred it.
  • Bumble is a dating app used to connect singles and find them romance.

“It’s extremely difficult to turn a profit without offering (or leveraging) some kind of tech in 2019, which means marketing those products has become very complex.”

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