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How To Use Social Psychology In Your Sales Funnel

Many people are unaware of how much social psychology is incorporated into successful marketing. Consider the importance of being in your comfort zone. Humans naturally do not want to leave their comfort zone, encouraging them to stick to conventional methods. By adhering to these conventional methods and respecting their boundaries, you?ll be much more likely to retain their business in the future. Also be mindful about reciprocation. The more you are willing to do for your customers, the more they will be willing to do for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • It pays to acclimatize yourself to those companies your target customer is already using, to understand their strategies.
  • Access your targeted audience where they hang out online on social media.
  • Understand that customers are unlikely to shift away from a brand that’s been working for them without a big incentive.

“In order to comprehend what your audience buys, you need to learn the social psychology of the purchaser and this is where Sales Funnel comes in.”

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