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Forget Funnels.

When it comes to digital marketing and attracting potential leads, followers, or customers to follow a brand online on various social media platforms, one of the most commonly employed strategies by marketers is to move individuals down a funnel of awareness, consideration, conversion. However, as new methods and strategies develop on a daily basis, new studies claim that perhaps the funnel technique is not the most effective, and rather, different methods should be employed in marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Funnels, though not unimportant, are rather like your car’s wheels in that they cannot go anywhere without the other parts.
  • Firstly, you need a web page so the interested can see what you have to offer and emails, so that you can inform those who don’t already know about what you have.
  • You need opt-in forms to net new leads and you need an efficient shopping cart system for actual buyers.

“To be fair, funnels ? the part of your marketing that communicates the benefits of your offerings to your leads and compels them to take an action, such as opting into your lists or buying your products ? play an important part, to be sure.”

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