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Even B2B Audiences Want Emotion in Their Content

The pandemic has shed light on one aspect of content marketing: it’s all about your audience. Right now, businesses have the opportunity to change the way they communicate with their audience and form new narratives around their products. Even companies that market to other businesses need to be aware of the emotional impact of COVID-19, like financial uncertainty or risk of job loss. By utilizing emotion in content, you’ll be able to form better relationships that will resonate with any audience, big or small.

Key Takeaways:

  • The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the importance of emotions related to fear, uncertainty and the desire for safety in the face of an unstable world — even among B2B customers.
  • B2B customers are looking for ways to understand and prepare for an uncertain and dynamic future.
  • Brand empathy requires a detailed understanding of what customers are experiencing and feeling, with the goal of creating a narrative of a “shared journey” between the brand and its customers.

“Increasingly, the best way for content marketers to build that trust is by demonstrating deeper awareness and understanding of the positive outcomes and experiences our audience wants to achieve, not focusing on the transactional behaviors we want to drive.”

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