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Minted Grew From a Stationery Brand to a Global Design Platform. Here’s How.

Minted was started as a crowdsourcing source for stationery designs from independent artists and for consumers to vote on their designs. Then the favorites would be produced and sold and the artist would be paid a share of the revenue. It grew into a company with 400 employees and generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The company uses a peer-critique model that brings the artists together and can offer suggestions to their designs. Minted is on the verge of launching physical stores so they may adapt to the market even more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minted is a brand that allows consumers to vote for their favorite stationery designs for use by independent artists.
  • Social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram, had a huge role in Minted’s growth in popularity as a brand.
  • When raising initial funds for their business, Minted pitched hope to their investors, and those investors profited immensely.

“We launched right before Instagram and Pinterest, both of which really changed the way people interact with design.”

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