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The Marketer’s Guide to Getting Leads Through Sales Automation

Artificial intelligence and automation made great strides in virtually every aspect of our lives and marketing is not an exception. Unlike robocalls and email campaigns of the past, new strategies implementing automation in sales are all about personalization. As we gather more data about customers and we increase the knowledge about our customer base, we are able to optimize pairing of sales people with target customers. Additionally, automation helps in the areas of scheduling and follow ups, all leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sales automation technology is allowing businesses to tailor their content to each specific demographic.
  • When you combine sales automation with marketing, you can combine the best of both worlds which will force better results.
  • If you are looking to target high value customers, it is best to use account based marketing, specifically with business to business sales.

“In fact, your sales team can feed information to your content team, allowing them to create materials that answer their specific questions. Pairing your sales automation with your marketing software allows your team to create content tailored to each decision-maker’s interests.”

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