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Why People Don’t Want the ‘Real’ You

When people say they want realness they rarely mean they want a 3AM bad hair, bad breath, cranky and suffering from too much alcohol and bad burritos version of reality. That’s just too much. As marketers, it is important to read between the lines. People want to say something about themselves to the world that matters to them, that is intrinsic to what they consider to be most special about themselves, that is the realness they want. To that end, those seekers of the elusive “real” will buy things they do not need in colors and patterns beyond those required. The important thing is does this watch tell the world “I am ahead of the curve,” for example. Or, does this dress explain that I am quirky and offbeat, but quite capable of painting within the lines? That is the real the customer needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s hard to be genuine enough that people believe you while also avoiding misteps on social media.
  • Trying to market by being authentic is difficult because you still need to focus on your customers
  • You should figure out what people want from you, and supply aspects of yourself that fit with those wants

“Your story absolutely matters, but only to the extent that it helps people tell the story they want to tell about themselves.”

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