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Fast Feud: The Strange, Refreshing, and Biting Humor of Food Twitter

Purveyors of fast food, snacks, and sugary drinks are finding that Twitter can a platform to build a customer base, engage new consumers, and mold their brand. Restaurants like Denny’s and Burger King, snack companies like Mars and Country Time have engaged the public and each other on the social media app in humorous, political, and sometimes wacky tweets that create more human persona for an often anonymous corporate entity. Media handlers for these companies will often craft a brand image based around core values that tie in with the companies products. Corporations can use the platform to spread awareness on silly and serious matters. These companies gamble on each tweet that can draw in more followers, but also lead to public backlash if public opinion sways negative.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t be afraid to have innocent fun and take chances when tweeting.
  • Writing happy tweets that make people smile and laugh are more likely to go viral.
  • Take a chance by poking fun in a good-natured way at your rivals.

“Every tweet should embody or express the core principles and values the brand represents. For Skittles, the guiding principles are entertainment, merriment, showmanship, and imaginative ideas.”

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