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INBOUND Exclusive: 10 Secrets That Make Your Content More Compelling

There are some really simple tips to making your content for blogs or emails more palatable to people receiving them. Making your emails not look like junk while using words that capture attention is simply about using words that are proven to be effective. The words “now” and “new” have been proven to grab the user’s attention by bringing them to feel like they will miss out if they don’t read it. It’s also great to use phrases like “The truth behind” or “The real story” because it gets people’s curiosity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use words that force people to pay attention, such as “new,” “now,” “free,” and “secrets.”
  • Take advantage of the scarcity principle by employing a countdown clock or having a flash sale.
  • Loss aversion can be a bigger motivator than the possibility of gaining pleasure.

“It was all about the psychology behind what makes certain marketing messages land, and others flop. At PR 20/20 we’re all about data-backed decisions, so this session was right up our alley.”

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